About CDS Business Mapping

Our Ability to Apply Mapping Technology is Responsible for Our Rapid Success.

CDS Business Mapping, LLC., was founded in 1994 as a desktop mapping sales and consulting company. The company is dedicated exclusively to the creation and implementation of mapping solutions. The strength of CDS is its ability to successfully combine the three disciplines necessary to successfully implement mapping solutions: Mapping, information systems and business strategy. The company provides a full line of mapping software, mapplication development services, Internet mapping development, training and consulting. Based upon client requirements, CDS can provide on-site consulting, customize software for particular applications, or create custom maps on a service basis. The customer simply explains the business objective. It is our responsibility to understand and apply mapping technology to solve the business problem.

Growth Through Product Development

Within any vertical market, a strong understanding of industry needs is essential. CDS Business Mapping has chosen to focus on and specialize in the insurance industry. The company offers a full line of mapping software, data and applications for the insurance industry. The RiskMeter™ is a tool for property underwriters to perform virtually any type of geographical property lookup. The Analyst is a tool to easily map aggregate exposures. The company also provides data sets on natural hazards including: coastlines, earthquake faults, tornadoes, state windpool areas, hail, flood zones and Cresta Zones. The company also provides a variety of policy coding and analysis services (examples: Adding latitude/longitude to policy records or identifying policies available for windpool credits).

Leading Edge Mapping Solutions

CDS Business Mapping was created as a spin-off from the parent company, Connecticut Data Systems, Inc. Connecticut Data Systems has been providing custom software development to New England companies and government agencies since 1976. CDS Business Mapping has become the largest MapInfo reseller in the Northeast. The staff at CDS Business Mapping consists of experienced developers dedicated to the development and maintenance of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) solutions. The company's mapping solutions are built using the MapInfo family of mapping products. These products include desktop mapping, Intranet/Internet mapping, data warehousing and server-based mapping technologies. MapInfo Professional, the company's flagship product, is the world's leading desktop mapping software, and is available in over 15 languages.

CDS is owned by Ken Munson and his sons Dan and James. Ken, an IBM veteran and industry pioneer since the mid-60's, directs the technical team. Dan is VP of Sales and Marketing and is responsible for overall strategy. James is Director of Consulting and Customer Service. The company's headquarters is in Middletown, CT with a field office in Boston, MA.

Working With You

CDS has worked with companies of all sizes, from small companies to Fortune 50 companies throughout the United States. CDS has implemented solutions for pillars of the Telecom industry. Some of our clients include RCN Communications, Fairpoint Communications, Network Plus, Adelphia Business solutions, Vitts Networks, and many others. CDS also has formed a strategic alliance with Lucent Technologies', Lucent Driven Solutions customer support program, to provide leading edge mapping solutions to it's clients.

Thinking “Outside The Box”

Thanks to our broad experiences in both your industry and a variety of others, not only is CDS familiar with the issues and trends affecting your industry, but we are also aware of the best of breed practices in other industries as well. Our experience can help you to think "outside the box" and bring innovative ideas to your particular situation.